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She looked at me and kissed me passionately in the lobby of our apartment, and then she left.Shirtless, waiting until the arrival of the elevator, the cold won me. His eyes a brilliant blue, she looked at me before whispering “You’re shivering, returns, you’re cold.” I felt as though I lived our last exchange, our ultimate smiles. The elevator door opened. She escaped. I felt empty. She was my love, my writer, my friend, my lover, my confidante …

For her, I went in search of the exceptional: a pen called “Caelograph” by Caran d’Ache. This object may seem trivial and yet … Yet, she asked him one day reach the stars, give him the most beautiful writing tool, to give him inspiration. I then became an astronomer, scientist, explorer looking for an instrument that is likely to make me the woman I love, which over time became my essential.

Arriving in Geneva, a long black car waited for me. As my eyes were lost in the stream of water gushing in the middle of the bay, the driver told me the history of the city and in my head: Caran d’Ache. From 1915 to the present, the past, the bill was widely introduced myself.

Then had come the time to discover the long-sought famous creation. They brought me a box that I opened gently. Inside, there was a compass, an inkwell and pen only “edition Zenith” solid rose gold. On it, 22 diamonds symbolize the 22 brightest stars in the sky. Technical feat using the projection method called “Mercator”, the work revealed 51 constellations and 353 stars observable from the northern hemisphere. Carefully, I turned the rings dedicated to hours, the days and months to define the position of his favorite star. Then, thanks to the horizon, to the cardinal points and the zenith, I lost myself in the heavenly universe engraved in Chinese Lacquer blue night.

I traveled while remembering our first appointment under the stars. Naturally, I began to write my feelings, my pain, her words spoken at our first meeting. I have never forgotten … I took the compass.She showed me the way back. I then left the Cosmos and Geneva to become a man, his astronomer and offer a rare piece.

In my hands, I wanted a piece of dreams, the result of an exciting heritage and essential object to write his stories … The stories that I want to become the hero.

Presented in a precious box, the Caelograph comes in three versions. Alpha dressed platinum edition is limited to 120 fountain pens and 120 roller pens …… evoking the 12 constellations of the zodiac and the months of the year. The Sirius edition plated gold is set with a diamond in honor of the brightest star in the sky and is limited to 52 pieces for the 52 weeks of the year. For lovers of wide open spaces: the Zenith edition, culminating in the imagination, the highest degree of knowledge available in one single piece of solid rose gold decorated with 22 diamonds symbolizing the 22 brightest stars in the sky – the clip and the piston pump are also crimped a diamond. Manufactured in compliance with quality and excellence Swiss Made, each piece has a lifetime warranty.

Caran d’Ache , copyright: Caran d’Ache


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