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Care and beauty tips for brides

Objective: To be at the top for the big day ...
Objective: To be at the top for the big day …

The big day is approaching and thinking about all the looks that will be riveted on you, the stress begins to win you … Relax, there is no reason to panic! I am sure you will be beautiful!Here are some tips to enhance your beauty before the big day …

Refine your shape:

Want to get rid of extra pounds? No worries! You just need to take the time to lose as naturally as possible. To do this, make sure to drink plenty of water and change your bad eating habits. In a word, rely more on fruits and vegetables on fats and sweets!

It is sometimes advise to call a specialist who will concoct a plan in line with your weight, your height and lifestyle. A nutritionist will help you lose weight gradually and you avoid those pesky pounds resume once past the big day! The goal is not to be on top of her wedding day and then let go!

Why not lose weight , but still be careful not to lose all your muscles! This is why I urge you to exercise regularly, whether in a sports club or elsewhere. This is if you exercise alone, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional as it can give you a program to follow.

If the prospect of even exercise gives you buttons, why not opt ​​for a dance? You burn calories while having fun, who could ask for more?!


We all know, makeup can do wonders! Nothing like to highlight our face. That said, keep his skin beforehand is essential.

Nothing like a mask to beautify her face!

Nothing like a mask to beautify her face!

Bet on masks made from natural products. If you lack the time do not hesitate to use scrubs: immediate effect guaranteed!

Depending on its type, skin care differ. In fact, if you have oily skin and slightly greasy, masks of aloe vera are made for you. Conversely, if you have dry skin, opt for collagen masks, honey, vegetable oils or to vitamin E.

After the shock treatments, makeup made ​​your ally ! Your many assets are to highlight, for your minor imperfections, do not hesitate to hide!

If you have small eyes, do not skimp on the mascara. To make your lips look fuller, draw the outline in pencil and then fill the inside with a darker color. Conversely, if you find your lips too “massive” draw the outline of your lips with a pencil pink.

Your feet and hands

Experts recommend to do a manicure and pedicure at least once a month. With such care, your hands and your feet will shine and be their best!

Hands impeccable rigor to this day unique ...

Hands impeccable rigor to this day unique …

Creams and varnishes do as well!

To avoid dry and damaged hands, moisturize them regularly with a paraffin cream or sweet almond oil. Not only dead skin disappear but also your hands gather real sweet!

Your hair:

The hair is usually strained either because of climatic conditions, stains that we inflict on them, smoothing irons we deceive ourselves … Your hair you seem abused? Do not panic! To remedy this, apply a care in coconut oil with almond or jojoba oil , leave for 20 minutes then rinse. Therefore you will not hesitate to highlight your hair on your wedding day .

Care can only enhance the luster and shine of your hair ...

Care can only enhance the luster and shine of your hair …

You see, it is not so complicated to get a radiant and mine to be on top!

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