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Care for Combination Skin: Complicated balancing act

Taking care of a combination skin like a balancing act, because the characteristic nature different skin areas must be kept distinct

Caring for combination skin is one of the most difficult tasks of all.Two completely contrasting skin types must be maintained in accordance with their needs and supplies.Combination skin must be gently but consistently maintained, since it quickly neglect is all the more impurities.

Characteristic of the combination skin type
The main feature of the combination skin type is the so-called T-zone, this area includes the forehead, nose and chin.The T-zone is the fatty portion is often populated by small blackheads and pimples.By excessive sebum production in these areas creates an oily sheen.The skin appears pale, poor circulation and gray.It can be seen only a few wrinkles.There is either the combination of normal and oily skin as well as the mix of oily and dry skin.Women with combination skin must refresh their cosmetics and makeup products usually several times a day, this is especially true for powder that reduces the unsightly shine.Even the hair is greasy fast.

Health Care Tips
Apart from the actual care, the face should be cleaned regularly.It is best to wash your face morning and evening with warm water.This can be a pH-neutral cleansing gel skin.Then add the cleansing by an alcohol-free toner, and the application of a mild cleansing milk.Now, the moisturizer is designed for combination skin is used.Additionally, you should use once a week face masks and scrubs.
If you wear make-up regularly, you should consider investing in a line of cosmetics that is tailored to the needs of combination skin.Ask at the pharmacy of your choice, what options are available.For example, the primer must be very light, too much make-up is applied, the skin reacts with an increased production of sebum.

Care for oily-normal skin
Aim at a combination of oily and normal skin is to retain the moisture of the skin and at the same time to ensure the de-oiling of the fatty areas.For daily care best to use a moisturizer water based.However, you should treat the T-zone only very sparingly.Also, you should use cosmetics that remove excess fat of the skin.Talkumfreies powder is essential because it is the one part of the excess fat and skin enztieht abzudeckt simultaneously rapidly emerging brilliance.

Care for oily, dry skin
The skin needs to be hydrated, especially for the dry areas in this regard is das. is a high fat cream.The T-zone, you are best off with creams because by too much oil in the cream can move very slowly.Alternatively you can use the T-zone, a low-fat gel.Even with this skin type is recommended Anti-Shine Foundation, which prevents further formation of fat.


Care for Combination Skin: Complicated balancing act

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