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Care For Each blond

Natural blonde or blonde adoption require special care. Ashen, platinum, gold, honey … Based shades, all special attentions are needed. Overview of different types of blonde.

Blonde hair shadesOf course, we may decline its reflections and its almost infinite nuances, but generally we retain five blond bases. Discover the main grades.

The ash blonde: it is a deep blond, very bright which emphasize and highlight your complexion. The ash blond, the color of Sarah Jessica Parker, fits perfectly in a rosy like a golden complexion.

The platinum blonde: more difficult to fly, it is the symbol of glamor and rock’n’roll. One that best embodies this spirit, the English model, Agyness Deyn. You will understand, to enhance the color, you’d better have the appropriate cut rather a short cut or a little square dipping. In short, a style well maintained as well as the color, as a platinum blonde forgives nothing and requires a lot of maintenance. This color is perfect for mines pink and peach tones lightly browned.

The golden blond: As the name suggests, this type is very light blond. It gives shine and material to your hair. California color par excellence, is the blond surfer Cameron Diaz. However, it does not go with all skin types. The dye golden, clear, pink or porcelain can be tempted. For skin prone to matt, make the choice of golden blonde is a gamble. Between risk effect “yellow chick” and that of “bimbo”, the lack of taste is hard to avoid …

The strawberry blonde: is a relative of ginger. This shade of blond adopted by Nicole Kidman leaves also receive blazing sheen. Color very soft, strawberry blonde symbolizes romance and go perfectly with complexions rather golden beige or pink.

The blonde Californian: creation of Jacques Dessange, the blond Californian so worn by Eva Herzigova is a scan that mixes dark roots and light ends … a mixture highly glamorous and ultra-feminine. Note however that this type of blond requires maintenance: the roots must be discreet and do not take precedence over the rest of the hair.

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