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Care for normal skin

Even normal skin needs to be cared for, so they do not lose their rosy and healthy appearance.

If you look young women considered, one might even be jealous.The skin glows with youthful radiance, she is fine-pored, elastic, wrinkles and has not even the slightest blemish.The sebaceous and sweat glands are working normally, the complexion is due to good blood circulation rosy and fresh.Unfortunately, very few people have between 18and 30Age the privilege of normal skin.Latest at the 35thBirthday, the skin is dry, because not as much sebum is produced, there are the first signs of wrinkles and a simple moisturizer for a long time is no longer enough to let the skin get enough care.

Optimal cleaning
Anyone who has normal skin needs when buying Koemstik and washing products really nothing note allowed anything goes.This free selection starts with the cleaning.All Washes are conceivable, even alkaline soap solutions.With a soap solution having a pH of 5.5, you are absolutely correct.This ensures that the delicate acid mantle of your skin is not damaged.It is also important that you use only lukewarm water when washing and rinse thoroughly after cleaning all the products, so that no residues remain on the skin.

Get healthy skin
But even if your skin looks healthy and fresh, you have to maintain to keep it that as long as possible remains.The ultimate goal is to stabilize the natural oil and moisture content.For this purpose, lipids are used to protect the skin from drying out and strengthen the natural barrier function of the skin so that more robust against environmental influences is.When shopping for ingredients such as glycerin, sorbitol, and hyaluronic acid.These provide moisture and improve the elasticity of the skin.As always, in normal skin, the motto is: less is more.If you overwhelm your skin with care, and they will respond with irritation.

What cream is for normal skin the right?
For the day a slight oil-in-water emulsion or a hydrogel is ideal.In the former variant there is a cream containing more water than fat.Only at night or in the winter you should use something Reichhaltigerem.Then also for normal skin water-in-oil products are recommended.
No matter what cream you now put your trust in, she seems to feel better stuff if you is gently massaged into the skin.Starting at the nose, by performing with the index and middle fingers stroking movements to the outside.In this way, fluid retention also be removed.

Care for normal skin

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