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Care for Sensitive Skin: Say Goodbye to the sandpaper-feeling!

Dry skin feels like sandpaper, it also tends to irritation. Here you will learn how to maintain sensitive skin optimally.

About 20 to 35 percent of all Germans suffer from dry skin.It is also referred to as medical Sebostose.Dry skin is not enough fat (lipids), and is less able to retain moisture and to build an effective shield against harmful environmental influences.Therefore, it also reacts extremely sensitive to any external stimuli.The skin is stretched, scaly, red patches and prone to itching.In addition, it is not very elastic and can easily ignite.Dry skin looks dull and blunt.

Causes for dry and sensitive skin
The reasons for dry skin can be very diverse, the one you can make biological causes, the other outside influences are responsible.Among the internal factors include genetic predisposition, taking medications, advanced age and certain diseases.Dry skin can be a symptom of diabetes, kidney disease or psoriasis.Among the external causes include extreme cold, dry air from heating to low humidity and ultraviolet radiation.Some groups of people are particularly prone to form dry skin, for example hairdressers or office workers.Also stress or highly stressful lifestyle can cause dry skin.

Optimal care around the clock
Dry skin needs to be provided around the clock with oil and moisture.Even the selection of toiletries increased value should be placed.So natural ingredients are preferable to chemical components, ideal are special skin care products for dry skin, which are available in the pharmacy.When you cleanse your skin, you should avoid alcohol and mentholated products, as these irritate the skin further.During the day, the skin with a low fat moisturizer is well supplied, during sleep a night cream ensures that the skin does not dry out.Immediately after a shower or bath, use a pH-neutral body lotion.

Care ingredients
Purchasing the products, look for agents that provides your skin with oils and moisture binds.Ingredenzien following are ideal:

  • Jojoba: stabilizes the moisture
  • Lanolin: Moisture may be better bound
  • Wheat germ oil: rich in vitamin E
  • Elastin: the elasticity of the skin
  • Shea Butter: donate fat
  • Urea: very good humectant
  • Nut and fruit oils: donate fats

Tips for Everyday Life
Just because you have dry skin, you do not miss out on your personal hygiene.Here, however, you must pay attention to some things.When you take a shower to remove everyday dirt, sweat and dead Haustschüppchen, then not too long and not too hot.Use instead of the so-called classic soap syndets (synthetic detergent substances) because soap rinses out the lipids, the natural protection of the skin is lost.Alternatively, you can use water-in-oil emulsions (shower oils), normal shower gels are not suitable for dry skin, as they may damage the acid mantle of the skin.In general, look for natural ingredients and avoid products with fragrances and other additives.Full baths should take only very rarely, if at all then only for 15 minutes, the water temperature should not exceed 39 degrees.After the toilet, you should not rub off the wet skin, but only lightly dab, so the skin’s own fat is not removed.
Also, the diet is important for the skin condition.To supply your sensitive skin with sufficient Feuchigkeit, you need to drink a lot, ideally more than two liters, alcohol and coffee should be avoided.Using the record of unsaturated fatty acids, the body’s lipid formation is effectively supported.In the summer, you should not take intense sun exposure, because UV radiation also dries out the skin.

Care for Sensitive Skin: Say Goodbye to the sandpaper-feeling!

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