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Caring for sensitive skin – Advice

Caring for sensitive skin - Advice

It is said that a fragile skin when it reacts excessively to external environmental factors such as wind, heat, cold or drought.She is easily irritated on contact with basic chemicals.Compared to other skins, it has a greater speed in water loss.To treat sensitive skin, there are some simple steps and a few natural remedies.

Change Habits
Food aside, reduce the consumption of alcohol and spicy foods, and promote essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, with a varied and nutritious diet.Know that adequate daily water contributes favorably to treat sensitive skin.Relation to external factors, try to avoid sudden temperature changes and always protect yourself from the sun.During your treatment, do not rub or scratch, but be sure to continually assign a gentle treatment.Care to avoid products containing exfoliating acids, some anti-aging products, and prefer preservative-free cosmetic preparations with little chemical ingredients.For cleaning, use a mild soap-free detergent.

Grandma’s Remedies
A few simple and natural remedies to help treat sensitive skin:
Mix some warm milk with 2 tablespoons flour, coat the face and leave for half an hour.This preparation is done before applying your daily cream .
Clean your face with 2 tablespoons of salvia leaves previously boiled for 5 minutes in a cup of water.Or otherwise, a simple thermal water will do the trick with its soothing, protective and anti-irritant.
Another mask, take natural yogurt that you let stand 10 minutes before cleaning it to the warm water.Or 2 bananas chopped mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey and 1/4 cup cold milk, rinsed with fresh water after 10 minutes break.

There are so many tricks to treat sensitive skin, you choose!

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