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Cash on Delivery is becoming a Big Hit in Pakistan

The trend of online shopping has been a great success in Europe, USA. Canada and in all developed countries of the world and now this trend is emerging rapidly in Pakistan. Now the trend of online shopping in Pakistan is gaining popularity and we can see many online shopping websites are emerging in Pakistan. Zeesol.net is the one of most popular online shopping website in Pakistan which has a number of online deals and offers with wide range of products for daily life for the massive consumer market of Pakistan. The main reason of success of online shopping industry in Pakistan is the policy of cash on delivery. In Pakistan people don’t trust on companies to pay in advance unless they are satisfied with the product being delivered.


Now online shopping stores are starting to realize problems of the people in Pakistan which are hurdles in online shopping and that’s why cash on delivery model of online shopping is proving to be a big hit in Pakistan and this trend is accelerating with every single coming day.  Now people need not to pay in advance and they can buy the things conveniently through online shopping and can pay for things on receiving delivery of the ordered product through Cash on Delivery policy. This has proved to be extremely successful business model in India and developed countries and people feel very comfortable and confident about purchasing things online. Due to the high ratio of online scams and frauds, people were hesitant to buy anything online because nobody wanted to risk his money by paying in advance. Now the online shopping companies in Pakistan are rapidly adopting this policy of Cash on Delivery as it help consumers to buy with more confidence and trust.


E-commerce in Pakistan is among the fastest growing industries. With the growing numbers of internet users in Pakistan and recent introduction of 3G broadband service, are expected to offer a huge scope to the e-commerce industry. Pakistan also has a huge community of mobile phones users and they are connected to internet through recently launched 3G technology. This huge number of mobile phone and internet users will be a huge target market for online shopping sites in the coming years and Cash on Delivery service can be a great motivation for people in Pakistan especially living in rural areas and small cities to get benefit from growing online shopping. The business community is fully aware of this massive potential and they are emerging online for providing online shopping services to Pakistani community. By witnessing the huge success of Cash on Delivery model of online shopping in Pakistan, many business men and companies are joining the bandwagon of online shopping store and now the party has started.


This tremendous success of Cash on Delivery model in Pakistan strongly indicates that future of online shopping market in Pakistan is very bright and Pakistan would be among the top countries of the world in generating revenues through international online shopping industry. The success of online shopping in Pakistan can also be used to boost the economy of Pakistan as seeing the huge consumer market of Pakistan; many foreign investors will come to Pakistan for investment to take fair share of online shopping market.




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