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Abaya Designs

How To Wear Turkish Abayas

With the passage of time Turkish abayas are getting quite popular but some of the women are not aware from the best method to wear them. But this post will going to solve up half of their ...

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Popularity Of Sweety Abaya

When we mention the names of some of the best abayas then we never forget mentioning with the name of sweety abaya. We all know that hijab is basically known as the modest dress to cover the ...

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How You Can Choose Best And Stylish Abaya

Well we all know that these days abayas are getting to be one of the latest fashion trends and all the women have the wish of getting the stylish abaya designs so that they can make them appear ...

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All About Sheila Abaya

Well as we mention up the name of the Sheila abaya then we usually defined it to be the plain black robe worn by women belonging to the Muslim community in support of covering their regular ...

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Importance Of Saudi Abaya

Have you ever thought about taking the Saudi abaya?  Well we all are fully aware from the importance of the abayas for the women. In all the Islamic countries adding with Dubai, Saudia Arabia ...

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