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Abaya Fashion Show

Famous Abaya designs from around the world

Abaya designs has been changed with time. New Abaya and Hijab styles are available and we have organized a beautiful collection for the ladies. As far as I remember or I have studied that Abaya ...

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Mauzan Black Sheila Abaya

Crafted from the vivid dreams of its inspiring Founder and Designer, Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Mauzan was born in 1990 within the United Arab Emirates. The Mauzan fashion creations speak to ladies ...

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Das abaya images

Traditionally, the robe is black to symbolize conservativism and modesty. nowadays it’s being remodeled as additional girls want to keep up their cultural dress whereas additionally showing ...

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Collection of Sweety Designer Abaya

Sweety is a retailer based in Dubai. The Abaya designs of sweety are modern and trendy while keeping the traditions in hand. Different styles and patterns are used on the black canvas of Abaya ...

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With bold patterned cloth weaving in and out of the gaps in the abaya, the collection is a mix of the trendy and traditional. Chains of coloured beads and bands of exquisite gold lace were used ...

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