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Beauty Tips

Eye Makeup Trend 2013

The Emerald is one of the strong trends to 2013 the tonality, which brings a dark and intense tone, similar to that of stone, was elected as the bet of the year by the Pantone color system, which ...

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Learn to Use Blush

Blush: get to know what are the colors in high summer the summer makeup asks a simple and natural production to match day of the season. In addition to being responsible for the healthy touch in ...

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‎5 Best Hair Oils For You

5 Best Hair Oils For You: 1. Coconut Oil: If you need an all purpose oil for your hair that can do only good and no harm then you must try coconut oil. It is the most common hair oil … Continue Reading

Tips for hair care at home

The hair tends to be brittle, dull and dry. Now we would like to be discuss important hair care tips for winter season. The best tips for hair care are as follows:   Hair Care Tips In Winter ...

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How can you get thick hair?

Home remedies help in making scalp healthy and adding volume to hair. The regular use of home made will help you achieve desired result. After shampooing, massage an egg into your hair and let it ...

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