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Beauty Tips

How do i get beautiful skin

To have a fresh skin few easy steps can be taken Use face wash and warm water to wash your face. you can rub ice on your face to have fresh look cleansing milk also help in providing freshness, ...

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Benefits of green tea

Benefits of green tea cannot be denied. It is a solution to have a healthy body and beautiful skin. Women can drink it or apply it to the skin. Many beauty product and creams contain green tea ...

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Tips for fair skin

Easy home remedy to get a fairer skin. Ingredient: Cucumber juice/one cup lemon juice/one table spoon rose water Mix the ingredient and make a paste, apply it on face for 15 min. To get Fair skin ...

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Natural face bleaching at home

Milk cream and turmeric can be used to create a Natural Bleach. Milk is used to remove impurities and dirt from skin. Due to this, milk can be used for bleaching. A pinch of turmeric is mixed ...

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How to remove makeup

Removing makeup is necessary otherwise it will harm the skin and result in pimples and acne. Before washing the face, the makeup must be properly removed. For removing the makeup, a cleansing ...

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