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Eyes Makeup

How to do smokey,blue eyes smokey eye, blue smokey eye tutorial

Steps: Apply blue eye shadow on 2/3rd of eye lid Apply black eye shadow on rest of the eye lid Blend the two colors. Apply the black shade below the eyes Apply the eyeliner and blend it as well. ...

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Smokey eye with purple

Step: Apply the base Apply back eye shadow over the eyelid Blend the Black eye shadow Extend the Black eye shadow at outer and lower end Apply dark purple eye shadow Blend it properly Apply ...

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How to do smokey,blue smokey eyes, tutorial picture

Steps: Apply the base foundation. Apply the base powder Use Black base Blend the  Black shadow Apply blue Eye shadow Blend the shadow at outer end Blend the blue eye shadow at inner end Apply ...

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Eye makeup tips, makeup tips

Some easy eye makeup tips collected for you. Before starting the eye makeup create a eye base. then apply eye shadow over the eyelids eyeliner is used to define the eyes. Mascara is used to ...

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