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Lips Makeup

Lip makeup

Lips are the the most prominent feature of a women’s face and beautiful lips absolutely enhance a women’s beauty making her look bold and attractive, there fore it is also very ...

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Lips care tips

Lips are one of the most prominent, attractive and beautiful feature of a women’s face defining a women’s beauty!! Taking care of your lips is as important as taking care of your skin ...

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Ideas And Trends Of Best Model Makeup 2016

Today I will give you some model makeup ideas favorable in 2016 for girls that you can try at home easily. There are many of the best artists in Pakistan, known for its art, but most of the girls ...

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Easy Tips And Ideas For Wearing Red Lipstick

Why is it that red lipstick seems to never go out of fashion? Red lipstick looks elegant, chic, modish and versatile. Whether you’re just in the mood to have fun with your eyes, or you are ...

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How To Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally ?`

Many Women dream of fuller and lavish lips now days. Surgery is not always the best way to ensure that, as it may results troublesome consequences. Here we will tell you how to make your lips ...

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