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Lips Makeup

Best Summer Lipstick Shades for fair skin and dark hair

Lipstick is the main item of women makeup and girls are very conscious for the selection of lipstick specially in summer season. Mostly women have a wide range of lipstick in their makeup ...

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how to make best lip balm,homemade lip balm,lip balm recipe

This morning I could finally make my homemade lip balm. In the previous post I told you already that I bought 10 sticks to make my own lip balm. I have long been searching, searching for ...

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How to apply good lip gloss

Ever you can apply good lip gloss? For you it is impossible? Here is a step by step guide on how to apply lip gloss either. If you can, follow it, and then edit your techniques. A lip pencil ...

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How to make yourself a best plumping lip gloss for less than 3 euros?

A few months ago, I decided to get into the natural cosmetics to make yourself. I wanted to start with a simple product to make and cheap to test its effectiveness and quality of natural ...

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Makeup tip: How to choose a best lip gloss?

The gloss is not a lipstick, its texture is absolutely not the same. So it can be an excellent alternative to it, or be in addition to make it a special effect. Glosses come in many colors, in ...

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