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Lips Makeup

How to apply good lip gloss

Ever you can apply good lip gloss? For you it is impossible? Here is a step by step guide on how to apply lip gloss either. If you can, follow it, and then edit your techniques. A lip pencil ...

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How to make yourself a best plumping lip gloss for less than 3 euros?

A few months ago, I decided to get into the natural cosmetics to make yourself. I wanted to start with a simple product to make and cheap to test its effectiveness and quality of natural ...

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Makeup tip: How to choose a best lip gloss?

The gloss is not a lipstick, its texture is absolutely not the same. So it can be an excellent alternative to it, or be in addition to make it a special effect. Glosses come in many colors, in ...

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Teeth Bleaching: Bright white smile in no time

With age, and also because of substances such as nicotine and caffeine often show patchy discoloration on the teeth. Through various bleaching methods to whitening rich at home bleach from ...

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8 tips to moisturize your dry lips

At this time of year from drying and cracking of the lips is not something strange, quite the opposite. Changes in temperature, cold or too much sun will resacando and weakening our lips. Mood ...

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