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Lips Makeup

List of Favorite Top 10 lipsticks ever!

1. MAC Russian Red     2. MAC Lady Danger 3. MAC Vegas Volt 4. MAC Myth 5. MAC Creme Cup 6. MAC Honey Love 7. MAC Please Me 8. Faux MAC 9. Estee Lauder Pink Bungalow – is ...

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All about The gloss

ind all our tips for choosing and applying your gloss. The sublime gloss lips There are different types of gloss but all have the particularity to shine and plump lips to make them look ...

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What color lipstick is for me?

Choosing the perfect shade of red to her lips can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you.   Clothing The first thing to look at is the clothing that you wear. He is not here to ...

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Mistakes to avoid in makeup – lips

As an artist, makeup artist, I often see “errors” makeup and he is sometimes impossible to see the person to give my advice … So I take the podium this blog to give you a list ...

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How not to have lipstick stains on teeth

Quick little trick, but oh so practical and useful. You always have lipstick on your teeth, especially when you smile? Never mind. Once your lipstick applied, simply pinch the lips on ...

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