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Lips Makeup

Learn to makeup the mouth and lip

Now learn how to make up the mouth. Its contour points with a pencil a shade slightly darker than the lipstick. Start at the center of each lip, towards the ends. The lipstick is chosen ...

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Try Lipstick according to lip shape

Application forms according to the shape of your mouth: • thick Lips-if your lips are very thick or your mouth is great-and it bothers you, try using colors of lipstick that doesn’t ...

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For chapped lips

For chapped lips, we suggest a lip balm with at least SPF 15. The lip balm with antiseptic agents is preferable as it help in healing. To heal cracks use lip balm with tea tree oil.  

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Lip Make up

Lip make up tips for makeup lovers. Lip liner is used to shape your lips. You can increase as well as shorten the lip size with careful use of lip liner. Lip liner need to be one darker shade ...

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