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Make up Tutorial

Learn party makeup with just 10 steps

1. Apply concealer to cover imperfections. Next, apply foundation evenly all over your face. Apply after foundation powder. 2. Correct and define brows with a pencil or matte eye shadow in ...

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10 Facts and secrets about makeup

Pay attention to the things you should know! Before starting with facts you can also read 10 steps to perfect makeup by Bobbi Brown 1 – Avoid sharing makeup !Especially eye and lip ...

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Effective tips for makeup with confidence from bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown emphasizes something that most women do not value the need to have good tools for makeup. Bobbi Brown says that most of the tools that accompany the products are ineffective and it ...

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10 steps to a perfect Bobbi Brown makeup.

Before you start, always moisturize your skin with a cream for her skin condition: dry, normal, oily or combination. For some women it may also be necessary to apply a special eye cream. ...

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Learn the Tips of summer makeup

Some countries are starting the summer season and if you want to see beautiful, use the following makeup tricks that are special to keep your look this season. Best of all is that this is a ...

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