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Make up Tutorial

Learn the Tips of summer makeup

Some countries are starting the summer season and if you want to see beautiful, use the following makeup tricks that are special to keep your look this season. Best of all is that this is a ...

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Know about Waterproof makeup for summer

With rising temperatures you do get in trouble. You have two options, either start using very light colors and textures for you to be damaged, or give you a good product offering waterproof. ...

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Learn Everyday makeup tip for women

Daytime makeup also has its techniques and style, as well as any other time, a dinner, a party, etc.. Follow these tips and you’ll look splendid on the day, without abusing cosmetics. If ...

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  Makeup artist Lauren Cosenza try to support anything in the pursuit of self-expression. Each month she pushes our boundaries beyond the cosmetic comfort zone, beauty. In this issue, she ...

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Hunter makeup Dusty sees many sides to potential women he meets. This month, he joined us as a guest to express that philosophy on makeup. He turned to a friend of his to create a girl-next-door ...

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