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Best Makeup And Beauty Tips

Makeup and beauty tips are equally important, if you are beautiful enough then makeup will also look amazing on you. At times, many girls are pretty enough but they do not know how to do the ...

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New Aqua Liner Make-Up Forever

Make-Up Forever Aqua Liner grade 7This weekend I tested the new Aqua Liner Make-Up Forever that I procured at Sephora. This is due to the liquid version of Aqua Eyes, this eye pencil so popular ...

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MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover – Cream camouflage extreme

I recently discovered a product of one of my favorite makeup brands, MAKE UP FOREVER, which I never knew existed before, but which product! This is the Full Cover, one of the best scorers for the ...

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New palette Technicolor MAKE-UP FOREVER

There’s hope, spring is coming soon! And see the spring colors, especially beautiful bold colors and invigorating as those of the new Technicolor Palette MAKE-UP FOREVER, it gives me the ...

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New waterproof eyebrow corrector Aqua Brow MAKE-UP FOREVER

Let it be said: the eyebrows well designed and well outlined make all the difference in a successful makeup. They are part of the face and they highlight the eyes. Until now we used either ...

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