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Terrace planning made easy – great ideas for a relaxing oasis

With our valuable tips and suggestions is the terrace planning made easy Prepare for the summer, an additional summer room “open air”.With a leafy terrace you create a relaxing oasis ...

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With what and when you can plant the balcony

You wonder at what point you can plant the balcony?Basically, you can plant the balcony every season.Especially if it is quite large, has a southern exposure and you want to plant deep vessels, ...

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Recipe for salt dough craft – how it’s done

The preparation is simple. You only need flour, salt and water to knead. Try our recipe for salt dough from tinkering and establish many beautiful works. For many years, enjoys great popularity ...

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Pink room and ideas

Pink is considered to be the color for girls. So they love pink and want to have pink color in their dress as well as in their rooms. The wonderful color if used properly will result in a ...

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Blue room and blue bedroom

Blue can be found in different textures as blue have different shades from navy blue to sky blue. The type of blue used shows your nature and the color used in the room may effect your moods. ...

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