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Benefits of Folic acid for our Health

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. Folic acid is present in our foods such as: dried beans, lentils, oranges, whole wheat products, spinach, broccoli. etc. So there are variety of foods that ...

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Amazing health benefits of eating water melon

As summer season has already arrived and to beat the heat, your favorite fruit Water melon is here with enormous health benefits! 🙂 Water melon is a perfect summer fruit. It keeps you well ...

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Amazing health benefits of Water therapy

Ever heard about water therapy? Well water therapy have enormous heath benefits. drinking  3 to 4 glasses of water immediately after waking up has shown to be very effective and healthy. HISTORY ...

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Healthy eating

Healthy eating is linked to a healthy lifestyle. By developing a habit of eating clean, fresh, and healthy food you may end up staying active, fresh, smart and naturally feeling good all the ...

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Tips for staying fit & healthy

We all must have heard the phrase “health is wealth” since our childhood. Well the fact that good health is a real wealth because a person with a bad or poor health cannot really ...

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