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How to spread the good cheer?

Women Zest offers you daily spread the good cheer. The mood is changing, and certainly have felt changes in one day, without finding a logical explanation. It is important to know and recognize ...

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Female Guilt: How to handle it?

Guilt is a complex feeling that is generated based on responsibility, remorse, self-criticism, condemnation by your actions, etc. It has been around forever, particularly in women. Although try ...

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Learn what color dress to reflect your personality

Not the same black clothes always wear or every day of the week you dress in a different tone. The colors of your outfit can be modified so the way you look and people perceive you, which can ...

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There is a color that reflects your personality

Did you know that there is a color that reflects your personality …? Discover here what color you are! Did you know that there is a color that reflects your personality? and if you know ...

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Do not compare yourself with anyone but you

Comparing ourselves to others is a difficult behavior to avoid, and well known especially in women. We often compare ourselves to co-workers, neighbors, friends, friends of our partners in ...

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