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Nail Care

Fingernails maintain: Here’s how

See your hands in a short time and little money from beautifully maintained, maintain fingernails: how it works! So now the most important thing here summarized in four steps: Maintain nails: How ...

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French Manicure – Simple homemade

A French manicure is a quick way to beautify their nails. Using a few items and a little practice, they are made very fast even. The easiest way to embellish his nails, to provide it with a ...

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Nail polish correctly: a guide

Nail polish correct: We help to find the right nail file and the proper care for beautiful and stable fingernails. When fingernail length everybody has their own ideas.Some like long, some short, ...

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How to make nail polish stay longer

There is not as long lasting nail polish that make a difference in the time that your nails remain well covered, but also a lot of simple tricks. So here are 12 tips that will help prevent ...

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How to dry nail polish faster

Spend hours waiting, without being able to do nothing with his ten fingers, because you can not touch anything because of our nail polish is drying up, it’s infuriating. Some will blow ...

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