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Cellulite Tips: Our six commandments

Plurielles.fr teaches you the basics of anti-cellulite tips to fight against your enemy: cellulite. The 6 commandments to follow to overcome once and for all the orange peel.

1) Make full of antioxidants

Fighting cellulite is through a healthy lifestyle impeccable. His plate is made from fine food bursting with antioxidants. They help fight against free radicals, partly responsible for cellulite . To improve the appearance of the skin and make tracking down cellulite, it therefore includes in its diet fruits and vegetables in red or orange.

2) Self-daily massage

Ultra-effective against all types of cellulite , self-massage helps to strengthen the body and to remove bad cellulite. Friction, kneading, stroking, every day after showering massaged from the outside to the inside by pressing firmly on areas where cellulite is embedded. To massage your skin, use an anti-cellulite and firming to increase the effectiveness of massage. Please be aware that this practice will not be effective if you adopt a healthy and balanced diet and you do a bit of sport.

3) Drink green tea

Green tea is a real weapon against cellulite. Thanks to the tannins it contains green tea inhibits the absorption of bad fats. This drink is an excellent diuretic and slimming fighting effectively against water retention and therefore against cellulite . However, avoids the consumption of green tea in the late afternoon to avoid not sleep at night.

4) Drink water

Morning, afternoon, evening and during the day, drinking water should be a reflex. If you do not moisturize quite regularly your body will store fat in the wrong places in your body and cause a risk of water retention. It is best to drink in small sips throughout the day.

5) As easy sport

Car, subway, bus, tram, we forget. The goal is now to eliminate cellulite is to exercise without realizing it. Rather than take public transport, it spends its calories walking. We descend eg station before his workplace and ends his journey on foot. We do the same thing for the return. It also avoids elevators and think rather take the stairs. You can mount quickly to increase the effort.

6) To hell snacking

Bid on a breakfast consisting of fruit, cereals, green tea and yogurt. This prevents cravings and morning snack sweet and unnecessary. The devil chocolate bars and other sweets calories, if you’re really hungry before dinner or lunch, eat a handful of dried fruit and drink a large glass of water to cut hunger.
Cellulite Tips

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