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Chat with makeup artist Melissa Samways

Today we have another Chat with the makeup artist and this time the guest was the darling Melissa Samways.

Where did the idea of ​​being a makeup artist?

This idea never crossed my mind, everything was happening naturally. When I had my 12 years had onset of depression because of the bullying he suffered at school for being chubby, so I was not in the parameters of beauty that would position me as a “normal” person. At that time I had serious problems, I isolated myself, he had no energy for anything, lived sad therapies did, finally, were about 4 years of bad times that are not worth remembering … was when we decided (me and my mother) that I would stop studying for a while, until I get better. At home and free of harm to distract, I started watching makeup tutorials, I was fascinated to see the beauties created by makeup gurus, then that’s when I started training, it shifted the focus of negative things. The makeup served to me as an outlet, I believe it was God who put it on my way to heal myself.

What were your fears before this profession?

Because I was new at the beginning I had a bit of insecurity, not to mention the embarrassment that I have today if you guys know the confusion that is to record the opening of the tutorials would die laughing at me … hahaha Actually had no intention of becoming a professional, things were happening, time passed and I realized only when I realized I needed to have my own work to meet my clients.

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You got to do some professional course?

Yes, by the time I maquiava at home, did a professional course, therefore, had the intention of opening my space in the future and need a certificate that I was a professional makeup artist. But, I am self-taught, I learned everything I know myself.

And after the course felt lost? How did you do to promote your

No, I felt safer. My disclosure here where I live has always been of mouth, customers make their own disclosure to friends and use the internet also spreading in social networks and now the public facebook page. But I confess that my work is recognized more outside than in their own
city ​​where I live.

How was your start as a makeup artist? Worked in the lounge or friends?

I started making everyone guinea pig, mother, aunt or grandmother escaped after the girls, then 15 prepared a basic material and started doing makeup at home.

Now after working with it you feel like you did the right thing?

Yes, every day I’m more confident that I was born for this, the tendency is to improve my knowledge in the field, every day I learn something that adds to my profession. I feel blessed by this gift.
In your town makeup artist profession is valued?


I think everywhere the professional who is recognized for his talent is respected and valued.

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You got the inspiration from some famous makeup artist?

Many … if I would name names a long list of inspirations, both nationally and internationally, each with their technique and how to teach that attract my attention … But that inspired me here in Brazil is the makeup artist and blogger Juliana Baldwin, she is beautiful, friendly, have a heart and without humility size, that is what makes the special person he is today, not to mention his talent. I speak of Juliana because she was pretty much what I figured out how makeup artist, though not knowing her personally I always watched their tutorials. This year I had the opportunity to participate and even without the slightest pretense win a contest sponsored by her “Suitcase Filled Contest”. After this contest the doors opened and my work appeared. It is always good to remember the people who encouraged us and gave us strength sometime in this life, no matter where we come, nobody does anything alone. Thank Ju.

What was your first makeup product?

I remember it like it was today .. hehehe. When I was 11 I got my mom a duo with shades of dark gray and silver Natura, spent a year saved, because I did not know what to do with it .. rs

What is this product that you wish to have?

URBAN DECAY PALETTE – VICE PALETTE FOR HOLIDAY 2012,’m crazy palettes by Urban Decay, my little eyes light up when I see a

What are the favorite products in time for makeup?

As I have oily skin and acne skin prioritize Products: Base Oil Free Revlon, MAC concealer and powder. Not to mention that I’m also allergic to some products, so I have to take extra care.

Have a product that you do not stop using on their clients?

All products I use are quality, aiming to provide a better service and a satisfactory outcome, it is necessary to invest a little.

Have a product that you are disappointed in buying?

There will always be products that create certain expectations and when we test was not all that, at the moment I do not remember any of that left me so disappointed. For example, if I do not like the pigmentation of a shadow mix it in a glass nail base and customize a glaze, or else make it a liquid eyeliner, to me nothing is lost.

How is Melissa? What are your wishes for 2013?

I’m a quiet person, but at the same time demanding and perfectionist myself, I am responsible for considering my age. My priority is the family, they were always by my side, and I received the support I receive is fundamental both in good times and especially in bad. For 2013 only ask God health, peace and continue doing my job better.

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What is your reaction to the success of your page and your tutorials?

You know that I do not think even I could do it all, I’m very happy hows results, with the affection that people have shown there on the page and on my YT channel, comments and messages, requests for tips and suggestions I receive makeovers , the search for partnerships stores … disclosure wonderful you guys are masters of pages, finally, so many good things happening to me, I can only thank …

Fanpage: Make Up Melissa Samways

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