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Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup

Makeup is fundamental and far simpler than you think.

Framing the face
Eyebrows should be mild with that effect looking up. A well finished eyebrow is very important!


Eyelashes of Emilia
The lashes should be applied around the contour of the lower eyelids. They should be placed calmly, it is difficult, you have to be persistent. Practice before using for a party. Cole close to the eyelashes, with a clear glue, and apply mascara to leave the look as natural as possible.

Healthy Face
The blush should be applied to the cheekbone. To choose an effect tan blush Bonza that is always high!

Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup
Colors in Boca
Lips are the most desired and look great with pink and peach tones. Thin lips, abuse of gloss! The bright and light colors increase the volume of the mouth, use salmon, golden beige color and mouth. Pata lips asymmetric use neutral shades. You can also use bright colors, but be sure to match your lips round the mouth with lipstick pencil to make them more uniform.
Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup,lips

Take care of your skin’s health
Keep it clean and moisturized. She is responsible for a make beautiful and clean. Always apply sunscreen or primer (oil free) before the base and correctives.

Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup,beautiful skin

Prefer oil-free products
Products with oil leave skin looking oily and makeup melts easier, especially if your skin is oily or mixed. Therefore, opt to use products without oil (oil free).

oil free skin, Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup

To remove mascara
In the absence of a makeup remover, try neutral shampoo child (those not sting the eyes) because they are great. The hair conditioner is also an excellent option, apply a small amount and massage the eye area, then rinse your face

Remove mascara,Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup
Wear makeup and contact lenses?
The lenses must be placed before makeup to prevent any product from within the eye. Prefer products that are hypoallergenic and shadows compact versions.

Check out 10 tricks & tips about makeup,contac lens and amkeup
For perfect eyelashes
Not stick to the mascara lashes, apply eye drops before applying the mask. The tear has a component that groups the wires and not let the natural look.

perfect eyelashes,tips and tricks for perfect makeup

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