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Children’s room- Decorating ideas

If you want to paint the nursery, you should always take into account the wishes of the children, as they need to feel comfortable in the room.

When decorating and designing the nursery, it is primarily important that the child feels comfortable there.Therefore, it is important that the children’s wishes are taken into account if you want to paint the nursery.

Children's room- Decorating ideas

Children’s stress – Do not use bright colors

  • If you want to paint the nursery, you should make sure that warm colors are chosen and they are not too bright. Would you emphasize, for example, all the walls of the room in a bright red, like the child in the beginning maybe even fallen. But after a short time the child would notice that the wall color has a negative effect on well-being.
  • The child can, however, not deterred by his choice of color, for example you can agree a compromise and paint a wall in the desired color. The other example, but then allow white or underline in a warm yellow tone. Also patterns on the wall are a beautiful decoration idea. So you can for example use a specific wiping technique if you want to paint the nursery or accents by colorful strips or shapes.

Emphasize children – figures and pictures on the wall

  • Anyone who trusts emphasize something more when children can also paint animals or cartoon characters on the wall. These are the best tinting colors, because they can be mixed with some white paint to the desired color and even in small quantities are available. Who does not free-hand drawings such trusts are also able to use a template.
  • One possibility consists, for example, to print the desired motif from the Internet and one millimeter on a cardboard to enlarge. This motif can now be cut, stick to the desired position on the wall and mark the outline with a pencil. Then you can color it with paint and brush design and add details.
  • Another option is to transfer the design on greaseproof paper or foil and using a flashlight or a skylight projector to project on the wall. Depending on which distance is chosen to the wall, the size of the subject varies. So you can get the most amazing designs on the wall and will certainly be fun when children develop stress.

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