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Chocolate massage: The tender temptation

A chocolate massage is a treat for the senses and skin. And the best: it is completely free of calories

The working day was anything but a success, the sky show is already dark rain clouds and the partner has again today. No time for togetherness, the bad mood herauszukuscheln from usThe only solution, in the supermarket to buy some chocolate.Nut, nougat or whole milk – no matter what flavor you prefer, the effect is usually after a few bites.Unfortunately, such chocolate orgies inevitably show a little later on the hips.The completely calorie-free, but also mood-alternative is a chocolate massage.The combination of the typical bewitching scent and velvety soft texture makes us melt inside.

Beguiling chocolate

  • The relaxing hot chocolate massage has its roots in Indian Ayurveda. But the people of Central and South America long before our time, swore to the salutary and euphoric effects of cocoa butter.
  • In an Original Hot Chocolate Massage only high quality cocoa butter is used in conjunction with almond oil is used. Melted chocolate, cocoa massage oil with fragrance or white chocolate, however, have little to do with quality or enjoyment.
  • And that cocoa butter is made: The high-fat cocoa beans are pressed so that a viscous paste. This mass cools, it gets the typical buttery consistency.

If the session

  • To be eligible to benefit from Original Hot Chocolate Massage, the cocoa butter is first heated so that it assumes a oily liquid consistency.
  • The resulting mass is massaged into the skin with gentle movements. After a contact time of about 15 minutes, the cooled chocolate is washed off. This leaves a soft, velvety feel to the skin and the slight hint of the noble cocoa fragrance.
  • Hours after the end of the massage is this distinctive odor is perceptible, and thus reminds the deep relaxation and a feeling of elation that has meanwhile set.

Positive effects

  • Chocolate has over 600 different ingredients, some of which are not even known. Known and explored, however, is the theobromine, which is hidden in the cocoa. It is responsible for stimulating and euphoric mood that sets in when we eat chocolate.
  • If we are not going so well, chocolate is the ultimate mood enhancer, the power boost to the psyche, which provides increased levels of serotonin and endorphin distributions.
  • Also for skin cocoa is a true miracle worker. By polyphenols, phytochemicals, free radicals are neutralized and prevent premature wrinkling. The high protein content and linoleic acids finally moisturize the skin.

Erotic Massage for Couples

  • As a gift idea a chocolate massage is an excellent idea. If the melted chocolate slowly flows down the naked body and the bedroom off the smell of exotic and hunger, is the massage itself quickly forgotten and the lucky chocoholics can lick the liquid from the skin of the partner and thereby go exploring.


Chocolate massage: The tender temptation

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