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Choose a dress for summer

How to choose a dress for summer? While choosing a dress for the summer, this is a must have of the season. Choose a dress for summer you highlights, even in the less glamorous circumstances. Whether for work, an appointment gallant you, a relaxing afternoon, a girls day … Choose a dress for summer is the good sense of the season. Some tips and tricks for a flawless choosing a dress for the summer.

First tip to choose a summer dress: choose the size! 

Long, half-long, short or even choose a mini dress for summer is not always an obvious simplicity especially when you have a stroke and heart that one knows it will not, either because they do not have the appropriate template, either because it is a matter of size …
Neither too large nor too small, choose a dress that hugs your curves and should fall on your hips, your shoulders and chest . For large women , opt for adress above or just below the knees, as the womensmaller, enjoy your small size to adopt a dress short with small designs. Regarding the most minor , choose a dress for summer with large volume or motives, dresses may be too slinky effect “wire” not very glam.For the round, avoid putting too forward size and so escape from the “bottle” effect but stating your chest by choosing a dress for summer V-neckline

Tip: If you wear a dress mid-summer long, put on your heels or compensated.This refine your legs (sublimated in advance of a glittering veil or pure brilliant effect cream).
Avoid: for women calves not very fine, the dress mid-calf, poles guaranteed effects.

How to choose a dress for summer: Fabric
The watchword is comfort! Otherwise you ever scraped or pull on your dressevery 3 seconds because it rises. Fabrics like silk on cotton , linen or viscose are good choices to choose a dress for summer, comfortable and spring.

How to choose a dress for summer: The reasons
Perfect summer prints are a success. However, beware not to overdo. Choose them as according to your template. For women rather round, printed too large should be avoided, they tend to grow or to pack the silhouette, like horizontal lines that they accentuate the curves. However, small print worn in moderation is not to ban. Small can almost dare all printed.

How to choose a dress for summer: Different styles
In choosing a dress for summer, think “what style you wish to adopt. ”
If you are a romantic mood, adopt the “country” look, dress refined, flowery, more or less hazy and colors soft. Other side, the “babydoll”, opt for a very girly look.Wear pink and fuchsia … bet on the color pink candy and all their variant!
If you rebel, the look “rock’n’roll” is for you! Opt for colors , also affirmed that your personality, red, black, gray … in short dress, often very short, and with a plunging neckline, you will feel!
For a gallant dinner? Adopt the “dress sexy “effect guaranteed! Short or long dress and color of your choice, a single bond, however, take it rather close to the body. Looking for lightness? Choose a “casual dress”! Ample, light, voluptuous and generally in cotton , with it you slip anywhere with ease.

Choose a dress for summer

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