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Choose a good sunscreen

There are a variety of sunscreens phenomenal. When it comes time to choose, you get invaded and it becomes very difficult to connect, especially if you have sensitive skin and / or intolerant or we do not know all of the different types of protections. So here are several factors to be taken into consideration as well as advice and information on the wonderful world of sunscreens.


The first thing to know is that it is not because you wear a sunscreen that you are 100% protected from the sun.Sunscreens with an SPF 30 or higher will protect about 97% of the rays. The ideal is to put you in moderation, without relying solely on sunscreen, even if the index is 90 FPS!

To ensure proper protection, make sure to choose a sunscreen with extended spectrum, which protects both UVA than UVB.

Both types of rays are harmful to the skin. Both can cause skin cancer, but it is particularly UVA that cause premature aging of the skin, while UVB rays cause faster sunburn.

If you are wondering what is meant by SPF is very simple: the higher the index, the less likely you are to have a sunburn quickly.

Applying cream

The other important thing to know is that it is ESSENTIAL to reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours, and when you do not have transpired, that you did not bathed or wiped with a towel . In one or more of these cases, immediately reapply the cream (and therefore more often than two hours).

More, apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposure.

Another tip: do not skimp on the amount. Always apply a GENEROUS layer of sunscreen to be effective. If not, the degree of protection stated on the bottle could not be reached and you might not be enough éventiellement protected.

VS Chemical Physics

But did you know that many people have mistakenly thought they had a reaction to the sun, while their reaction was rather due to their sunscreen?

There are two types of sunscreens: chemical and physical ones.

To avoid possible reactions, al

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