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Choose a haircut for baby

Because babies have fluff and not much hair, haircut baby is sometimes a real headache for parents.

Babies from birth to two years, have only fluff, which is admired by all parents.Nevertheless, make a nice haircut for baby prevents heat coming or have hair constantly in the figure.The baby will feel better, have a smile and will further highlight its beauty.


  • Even if a haircut baby does not allow him to have beautiful hair later that it strengthens small hair present.
  • In addition, it is also best done not only when they are too long, but when, about nine months, he lost due to the friction of his skull on the ear. This creates a hole in her hair and a hair cut very short baby hides it a little hole.
  • Choosing the right time to take a haircut baby is one thing, but how to choose? According to what criteria? How baby will be as beautiful as possible with her little cup?


  • Before trying to make a baby haircut must respect the shape of his head. Have a small round face thickness on top and short on the side with a thin fringe of the face is very round legs or sides. For a thin face, keep the hair relatively long in the neck and sides, giving a volume effect. Square faces, meanwhile, should be the thickness of the sides, without fringe. The ideal would be a gradient square. Finally, a baby with a big mass of hair, it is better to choose a short haircut degraded so that the baby does not have much where there will be dereferenced her hair keeping up her hair. A great haircut baby depends only on the shape of the face itself.
  • Anyway, it is advisable not to fringe a baby before the age of three years to avoid burdening his face. By cons, it is essential to give free choice to parents. This does not prevent you from looking in the catalogs if you find your ideal for your baby. You alone are the judges! Only you can decide for your baby.

Choose a haircut for baby

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