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choose an evening dress

Find the perfect party dress is not easy and still need to know how to choose according to your body shape.

The law of colors
 Find evening dress ideal is not easy and still need to know how to choose according to your body shape. Be beautiful, elegant, sédisante in evening dress ? To get there, here are some tips unstoppable.

Whether you have dark skin , white or carrot, all colors do not suit you.

> The dark skin: lean and dare colors clearest: white, yellow, green or pink will go perfectly. A ban: brown which drown your silhouette, ditto for the total black look.

> The clear skin: on the contrary, avoid white and yellow, not very attractive on a porcelain skin. Other colors you can go, depending on their grades. Your colorlighthouse, especially if you’re brown: red. It’s glamorous, trendy and chic.

Your body

> You have a strong chest: choose dresses with square neckline. As for the sleeves, take the rather short or puff at the shoulders to release your arms and develop. If you want braces, choose fine, they refine the bust.

> You have the belly to ban the material satin, silk which show any container.Prefer a dress right or empire waist and avoid dresses bent at the waist: they may mark your belly or any handles of love . To cheat, do not hesitate to put a body under your dress or trying a belt tied off on the front panels which will conceal the curves.

> You do not have the size: the straight line is ideal. Bet on small original straps, beaded spagetti or to attract attention to the bust. The empire waist will also fine, but it will have to come down to the ankle for a style decidedly glamorous.

> You buttocks: an evening dress or empire waist straight cut and color united will do. Avoid printing, especially at low eye-popping. Avoid: cleavage in ultra deep back: it expands the buttocks . Do not hesitate to add a coat of coordinated long night.

Tips for the neckline:

> The rule: the higher the chest is tiny , more cleavage is as deep in front of or behind.

> Slots: if it is careful not to be too sexy or vulgar! The best way to judge will you assesoir front of a mirror so you can evaluate. If it is on the side: you can afford an open between the bottom of the knee and thigh slit, provided you have thin legs. If they are strong, the opening will be made ​​only genou.Si slot is behind:choose a small slit for more elegance. We avoid showing the back bend of the knee that is not really aesthetic .

choose an evening dress

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