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Cobalt blue, blue varnish night Nail Art Tutorial

Hello girls! Today I share with you a gift that you have given me … Yes, you’re not dreaming. I am of course talking about the Cosma contest I attended just before I left and I won thanks to you many votes!As some know so I won 12 vouchers, one per month, with a value of € 100 on the online store of the brand.It’s just crazy, I’m far from being used to “spend” all of a sudden and I confess that the choice was very hard on my first order :). You can imagine a little, I granted a varnish says “luxury” brand Yves Saint Laurent. Varnish which I eyeing since its release, I took in hand each time a perfume and I rested saying, Cam, you have enough polish blue night, you do not put the money into the bottle. So, I did not think I made myself a real treat!

Cobalt blue, blue varnish night Nail Art Tutorial

Cobalt blue, blue varnish night Nail Art Tutorial

Cobalt Blue, the famous blue varnish night then, is a lacquer that I could call “velvet” a sort of iridescent paint very dark, drenched blue particles. It turns out that when applied it is very dark indeed, if not almost black. I must admit that without this purchase I will not get ever bought and somewhere I did well because clearly it is not extraordinary, it is fairly standard. In the kind I prefer dark blue Indigo Zoya (with holo micro particles) or Essie Midnight Cami, who, in almost exactly the same texture as this one.But the fact remains that the bottles are genuine YSL jewelry, and good collector that I am I am very pleased that he has joined my vernithèque!

The brush varnish YSL is truly a joy, in the same spirit that brushes the Essie brand. Relatively wide but not too thick, they really allow for easy application and clean crescent, no need to leave my corrector is right now. And fortunately for the correction because it is hyyyyper pigmented varnish, so I think that one use I could change the tip of my pen-solvent :). Besides, you can imagine, it is quite normal in covering layer or two thin layers. It dries quickly, in short, it is the height that a varnish is expected at this price point. Question held in hand, I can not always be good judge but instagrammettes let me know that it was not gégé. (Well, if you go by there, we can say that it can not be worse than holding a Chanel nail polish!)

Once asked my nail, I wanted a nail art a little different from usual, almost a little Japanese style, a simple little white liberty. With the sun’s out there, the flowers seemed to be a good compromise to give a little gaiety to paint still very wintry!


To achieve this nail art I used my angled brush and my konad white polish. Why this one? Just because this is the only allowed me to do a nail art white on a dark varnish without getting something “faded.” Its only downside is that it is very thick, pasty, almost impossible to work alone. So I made ​​a drop on my plastic pallet and I added a drop of Zoya Renew a very effective diluent which allows the nail to be more fluid and easier to nailarter. Then I took my brush and a little random, I filed a petal inspired nail art Madeline Poole. I deliberately keep the transparency effects of white just to give a little respect to flowers, then I did some peas and it was completed! A passage topcoat and I was ready to go out 😉


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