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Collection Of Latest Bridal Mehendi Designs For Hands

Mehndi is famous in eastern countries as a tradition and culture. It is also famous western countries as a body tattoo. Although mehndi is famous among women in all over the world. There are so many use of mehndi or henna. Some people use to dye grey hair but most of it is used to decorate hands and feet. Mehndi or henna is probably using to decorate hands in every occasion. Whenever any function or celebration com to attend, women start searching for different pattern and deigns of mehndi. Well, the use of mehndi become modernized day by day. It can give pretty and beautiful color not only hands but also feet. There are different region have its own mehndi pattern like Arabic mehndi, Indian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi, Greece mehndi, African mehndi and so many more. All are different but one common thing the will have is that every design give beautiful color to body part.

Collection Of Latest Bridal Mehendi Designs For Hands

As we all know that mehndi is an important part of nay function. The most use of mehndi is in mehndi function. Girls and women apply mehndi on their hands and feet in wedding ceremonies. Especially the beauty of mehndi is worth seeing on bride. Mehndi designs are especially different for brides which makes her prominent among all other guests. Brides apply mehndi from hands to arms with full cover of design. Bridal mehendi designs makes her not only beautiful but also give her glory of wedding on wedding day. There are so many bridal mehendi designs for hands and feet are avail in books and on internet. Bridal mehendi designs are typically lengthy and design with detailed pattern.

Here in this post i am sharing some of the latest bridal mehendi designs 2014 for hands below. These mehndi designs are looking stunning and artistic. These presents the most beautiful and unique ideas for bridal mehendi designs for 2014. Mehndi or heena is considered one of most important thing for brides on special occasions like weeding or Rasm-e-Heena, that’s it should be decent and appealing. For your easiness, here are some of the latest mehndi designs for brides below. These beautiful  designs will definitely give you an appealing and eye-catching look on your wedding day. Let’s check out these unique bridal mehendi designs here below.

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