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Color for Living Room

As one of the most important rooms of the house is the living room to be very welcoming and nice. You have no qualms about changing the color of living room, there’s a few tips from professionals.

The living room is the center of the action.He should invite to communicate, especially when one receives visit.It should be a place of peace, comfort and warmth radiate convey.Security, but also elegance – these Tags are high on the list of attributes that people like to have gone into your living room.

  • Just what color is living as appropriate? We have picked out the most popular and you ways and means for converting identified. Her favorite color is missing? Well, then it is suitable for the living room does not exist!


Quiet green

  • Some time ago, a study showed the effect of this color. Subjects were shown alternating images of a green and a red bullet train. At the same time, an exactly identical loud soundtrack of a passing train was recorded. Although the volume of both images was the same, the green train was estimated as being quieter.


  • Therefore: Green gives peace and quiet, makes us think of fresh, harmonious forest and feel lighter. Did you have a hard day at the office and you yearn for the tranquility of country life?Do you feel unhealthy and rusty? Then you a fresh green environment helps. Whoever puts less emphasis on comfort, but rather is oriented vital should emphasize parts of his living room green.


What shade of green?

  • However, here is the bright green, the forest green meant. Go into darker shades of green that is even quiet and peaceful, but has less fresh. This is nice in the winter and at Christmas time, when you can accentuate the color with red pillows, blankets and candles.


  • But what about the summer? Refrain in the bright months then necessarily of black home accessories. Access to prefer airy, light beige and cream colored fabrics!


Accents in red

  • In the living room the color of the pleasurable temperament is more appropriate only in exceptional cases. For example, if you want to set the tone and color in only part of the wall in this color.


  • Otherwise a dark and fiery red looks too upsetting. But if you really want to use red in their living room, then a maximum of one wall to paint you in a high-gloss, fiery red. This is fresh and with colors like white, cream and accents of green combined, it looks very modern. Since red but appetizing and loss making acts, it has in the living room looking for something only in exceptional cases.


Elegant Grey

  • Definitely the color if you want to convey elegance. The natural color is currently very fashionable and is often used in fireplace rooms. Please only in moderation, because a painted entirely in gray room is too cold and can only be moved with the right accessories for the warm hospitality: But again.


  • Gray is pretty high, bright rooms, such as lofts. Modern furniture and extravagant decoration are also proposing a slate gray backdrop. Can be combined with great color brown. Also, red and beige go well here. In the summer of gray looks very fancy with fresh green grass, in fashion at the moment is the combination with purple or lilac.


Cozy Brown

  • Brown stands for security, peace and balance. Is it any wonder, then, that Brown is a perennial favorite in the home and trendy colors have always been? To combine with beautiful sand and terracotta, in conveys a “Coffee House style” living room holding elegance and warmth in one. Brown comes in all sorts of shades and has something for everyone.Prepared people are still not quite approached a vigorous living color, so you should grab a cappuccino or Sahneton.


  • Another advantage of the natural brown color is that it withstands almost any combination.Also fresh shades like green or lilac fit great with the dark tone. Meanwhile there are also brown shades, which have a very slight pink tinge, so the room is not “manly” to acting.Especially in young women, this variant is very popular. Together with heavy, light brown cotton stores a value held in room is very elegant and stylish.


  • If you should have stucco on the walls, you have any interior designer recommends a light brown, the Wandverziehrung is especially nice to light.


Color for living Room

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