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Colour effect – what colors trigger

How colors affect our psyche and how it can affect moods with their help, is the subject of color effect.

Colors affect our moods and feelings.Under most circumstances, this is true only our subconscious.But a closer who pays attention will notice that he prevail, for example, in an environment in which predominantly blue tones, feels comfortable and relaxed.This color effect is deliberately used by interior designers and feng shui consultants to provide us a pleasant living atmosphere and customized.Colors are also used to manipulate our feelings for a particular purpose.Supermarkets shine their meat, cheese or vegetable counters of colored light to make the products look fresh.For each color triggers in us a different sensation.

Colour effect - what colors trigger

Red and blue
We associate red with joy, love, energy, fire and blood, but also anger, agitation, aggression and danger.This color brings attention to us, accelerate our circulation and stimulates blood circulation.She seems superficial and radiate a lot of heat, but also a manipulative effect, because men find women in red dresses or red lipstick often irresistible.Road signs in red indicate support us, respect or Locked.Because of this effect color red should therefore be used as living color sparingly.We associate with blue sky, dreams, the sea, eternity, nobility, purity and knowledge.This color has a very relaxing effect on us.It gives peace and clarity, lowers heart rate and blood pressure.Blue creates depth, sense of space and allows us to breathe evenly.Therefore it is the ideal color for bedrooms.Since it also acts cool, fresh and clean, you also often uses this color effect in the design of bathrooms.As a traffic sign has a rather informative blue.

Green and Yellow
The color green leaves us in nature, freshness, spring, woods and meadows think.It also promotes our relaxation, we can breathe.We feel grounded and balanced.
We feel as fresh green vegetables and green detergents we write to a greater washing power.Living color as this color is often used in bedrooms and children’s rooms or even in the bathroom.Yellow makes us think of sun, gold, wealth, light and heat, but also envy, jealousy and venom is associated with that color.To us it has a mood-color effect, relaxes and promotes our willingness to communicate.Yellow is in many gradations, because of it, the preferred color in public buildings, schools and kindergartens.This color makes rooms seem bright and full of light.It affects mood brightening and radiant.The signal has a yellow sign warning function.For example, chemical goods or radioactive substances are labeled.

Black and White
We associate with black darkness, sorrow and death.In contrast, white stands for purity, innocence and light.Both form strong contrasts and are also known as achromatic colors.While black spaces visually greatly reduced, White returns to this effect and enlarged.Both are used to set accents in the interior.Individually or as a playful contrast, they have kept the color of purity and elegance in the world of fashion collection.Their contrasting color effect is interesting but not intrusive.

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