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Common Teeth Problems in Babies and solutions

Well we all know that getting teeth problems in babies is one of the common things that give rise to germs and stains in their teeth. It is a fact that tooth development takes place in the babies soon after their birth. At the time of sixth week of the expectation the baby start getting their primary teeth and permanent teeth begin to build up. But some of the people are not aware from the fact that these teeth are sealed under the gum line and blow your top only after the birth. Some of the babies get affected from the teething problems at the time of birth. What is the main reason? Well this is mainly because of the fact that mother has eaten great sum of calcium based foods at the time of pregnancy.

Main Symptoms of Teeth Problems In Babies:

Some of the main signs of teeth problems among babies are mild fever, mild diarrhea, tendency to chew things, sensitiveness to foods, loss of appetite, swollen gums, and pain. These signs will going to remove as soon as the tooth are fully erupted. You can even treat the bbay gum with own self help as well. If your baby is finding that gum is irritating them then you should be rubbing your baby’s gum by means of your clean hands. You can even allow the baby to chew it with the wet clothe as this will going to reduce the irritation on top of gums. No the main question is that what precautionary measures can help out the mother to cure the teeth problems in babies. Below are some of the main and important natural tips for controlling the teeth problems among babies:

  1. As soon as you find your baby with the teeth you should start brushing it on daily basis. You should make the use of soft baby brushes or you can make the use of wet cloth as well. You don’t need to make the use of tooth paste for brushing at the early stages.
  2. After one month of the baby birth you should be visiting the doctor on weekly basis. It has been medically tested that if you will be avoiding clinical check up then your
  3. You should feed your child with the food items that are enriched with the sufficient minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and other micro-nutrients. Sugar, carbonated beverages, chocolates should be avoiding by all means.


Now without wasting any time if your baby is suffering from teeth problems then consult your doctor right now before it gets too late!

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