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Complexion Primer: Powder or Cream?

With the right complexion primer, every woman a radiantly beautiful complexion, no matter what your skin type is.

What woman does not want an even complexion.Immaculate, delicately tinted and full of charisma?This must remain a pipe dream.Complexion with a foundation that matches the skin type, can be achieved very much.Previously, it is important to look closely at your skin once.They appear thick and shiny?Impurities and large pores will make life difficult?Then you certainly have an oily skin.Is your skin uniformly rosy, however, and the pores are not visible?This indicates a normal skin.Show redness, the skin stretches often after washing it or loose flakes of skin show?These are the signs of dry skin.Often one encounters also called mixed types.Their skin is only partially dry or oily.Here is a particularly tuned complexion primer is needed.If in doubt, you should seek advice from a beautician.

Make-up base
In any case, a day cream is one among any make-up.This prevents the primer later looks blotchy.Tap the cream gently into the skin and wait a while before you start applying your makeup.A normal or dry skin, ranges often a tinted day cream as a complexion primer.

Covering irregularities
Smaller scars, veins or dark circles are concealed always first with a special concealer.These special products are available for almost every problem.Stick or cream and for all skin types.Do not forget to blur the transitions carefully.Furthermore then the actual complexion primer is applied with a sponge, brush or fingers purified.Please also make up the neck and earlobe.Everything else looks after strange.Here too blur the transitions back gently.

Various primers
On the market, ranging from light fluid available to the opaque cream, a large number of very different complexion primers.This is crucial to personal preference.Anyone who has an otherwise smooth skin comes with a lightweight fluid from ideal.For larger differences in color or red veins is recommended rather an opaque cream.For oily skin and mattifying products are available.In summer, many women feel a lighter makeup often than pleasant.In winter exerts a rich, creamy texture of a protective function.

To make the skin seem like a delicate peach, you sprinkle a little powder over your complexion primer.This matted and fixed the makeup.Please use a large, soft brush and apply too much powder at once.Do not forget: Always powder from the front toward the chin, so to not install the fine facial hair.Even on a tinted day cream has a hint of powder kept and elegant.Please make sure other products like eye shadow or blush, use a powder.Cream to powder does not work!To refresh your make-up, in the office or on the go, we recommend a jar compact powder for the handbag.So you can quickly refresh brilliant games unremarkable.

Complexion Primer: Powder or Cream?

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