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Cosmetics: What you should know about make-up

Beginners should, before they dive into the drugstore in expenses, consider first what cosmetic products they need at all.

Beginners in terms of cosmetic products are only one baffled by the shelf with all the colorful, sparkling and shimmering pins, creams and powders and do not know what they will ever need for a natural looking appearance.Of more sophisticated techniques or a special evening make-up, young women because only dream of.
To give you an insight into the matter, we have put together the basics.What beauty products are at the beginning in the cosmetic bag and which tools are absolutely necessary?

Assembling of the cosmetics Täschchens
Apart from the actual beautification products, you also need a few things to prepare your skin and evening to clean again.So should you invest in a good moisturizer, are also important for the start cleansing or special products for waterproof make-up.
In a beginner kit also includes this beauty accessories:

  • different sponges and brushes
  • Powder
  • Eyeshadows in muted colors
  • colorless lip gloss
  • Liquid foundation
  • Kajal
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • possibly eyeliner

Primer: Liquid or Compact?
Before you define the most important beauty products, you should find out what skin type you have.You have rosy and smooth skin, shiny patches and never blemishes, you probably have normal skin.Oily skin is characterized by the so-called T-zone and stretched dry skin and it peels easily.Even the skin tone is crucial.Here, the only try, because only skin and makeup form a harmonious whole, the overall picture is also of course.You may want to buy two different tones, a lighter for the winter and a tanned complexion for the summer.Generally one can say that liquid foundations are not as strongly pigmented and therefore offer no such high opacity as compact makeup.They are therefore suitable for normal skin types.

Brushes and sponges
For starters meet utensils that come with each cosmetic product.Gradually, however, should be extra products to be purchased.These include a high-quality blush brush, eye shadow duo applicators and double sharpeners for cosmetic pencils.Also an eyelash curler and tweezers for in-form bring the eyebrows are essential purchases later.

Cosmetics: What you should know about make-up

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