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Cream without glycerin – skin care naturally

Skin care with cosmetics on a natural basis is time consuming and requires careful preparation

Cream without glycerin: Most skin creams contain for moisturizing glycerin.This is a product of the petrochemical industry.But it can also be produced from other fats.In particular, many women refuse from glycerin as a concern for the skin.Others make ethical reasons such as animal testing claims.In health food stores or similar establishments, there are a wide range of skin protection products which do not use glycerine.Also in view of the Internet is useful.



Cream without glycerin: Securing the natural moisture of the skin and add new ones

  • Because a good cream without glycerin protect the natural moisture of the skin and it will add new, the choice of drugs is not very large. So for the face and hands pure lack oil and jojoba oil are recommended. Both are pulling a fast and economical.


  • The problem: Both oils are hardly available in Germany. You can bring it on a holiday in the Mediterranean countries. You need to cool and stored in dark bottles – are – sometimes even in the refrigerator.


  • In Germany, offer natural cosmetics manufacturer Sante Verde, Martina Gebhardt and Susanne Kehrbusch (Salute cosmetics) and Flawless beauty products without glycerin. To be obtained only in the dropship. Susanne Kehrbusch are manufactured by their products to the needs of their customers and this must be explained in a telephone interview.


Cream without glycerin make himself

  • Given these difficulties, it may be useful to cream without making glycerin itself. Sun creams are recommended by a mixture of very fatty cheese and Eingelb. Very tired hands can tolerate a honey wrap. Which, however, requires a substantial time commitment. The games sn ankles should be sprinkled with juice of a fresh lemon.


  • Apart from pure olive oil – but that takes a long time to recover – a hand cream from a mixture of egg yolk and olive oil is recommended. This requires that the egg yolks are beaten. Four tablespoons of olive oil to be lifted slowly into the egg yolks. This mixture is added two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Also this cream is just a very slow and is also only a limited shelf life. Here, too, is likely to be stored in the refrigerator inevitable.


  • Cream without glycerin need for drawing in hands or face time. Those who opt for natural products without chemicals must be able to spend such time

Cream without glycerin - skin care naturally

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