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Creative ideas to deliver a birthday roses

Give roses a birthday is a gesture that will never be outdated.However, there are several creative ways to do so.

Take the opportunity to offer roses for a birthday surprise pleasantly the person to whom they are intended.Here are some creative ideas that you can inspire you to get there.

The importance of an original presentation

  • Give roses a birthday in a simple crystal packing paper does not show a lot of creativity.Adjust the bouquet presentation to the personality of the recipient. For a person who likes to follow trends, take a box-like tube that is used to deliver a bottle of wine and cover with moire fabric in a color that blends with flowers. Insert the excess fabric inside before sliding your bouquet into the box-tube. If the stems are too long and they compromise the aesthetics of all, cut a section.
  • Here is another idea that will appeal to the person who appreciates art. A vase with a black and white motif hand painted by yourself or by an artisan will be perfect to slip your bouquet.For now, do not water but rather remove the wax paper and then add branches with foliage lightweight crown of roses.

Surprise with unusual colors

  • Maybe you saw a florist these unusually colored flowers. Here is your opportunity to surprise the person to whom you want to give roses to a birthday. For example, blue roses, use a few drops of vegetable dye of this color and leave your roses (preferably white) until they are naturally colored.
  • If your roses are pink or peach, will result in a shade of purple or violet. Vegetable dyes that are used in the kitchen comes in five colors, so you have a choice.

Note: If you are short on time, know that for a few dollars more, florists agree to decorate your bouquet of roses in the style of the personality of the recipient.


Creative ideas to deliver a birthday roses

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