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Cuticle removal: Tips for beautiful nails

Every woman knows the plague with the cuticle removed. It is not necessary the problem when his nails regularly and carefully cultivates.

Manicured hands are the calling card of every person.This also means that one’s nails are handled carefully and remove the annoying push back cuticles or must.


Cuticle care is more important than removing cuticles

  • So the small Fetzelchen also may look ugly, which is the cuticle again on the nails, you should pluck around but not around or cut it. Because the cuticle has an important function: It protects the root of the nail from bacteria and fungal nail infections.


  • Every woman knows from previous experiments that the cuticle remove almost always leads to inflammation and injury, especially here precisely lies the danger: that ignites the nail bed.


  • This hands act as anything but neat, on the contrary, it looks sloppy, also affect people who bite their nails or skin on their nails, always distasteful. Bend remove the cuticles before but just by your hands especially carefully cultivate.


The skin is our largest organ

  • In fact, our skin has an area of ​​about two square meters, making it is the largest organ in the human body. The top layer of our skin and calloused is composed of keratin, which is resistant and protects against chemical or mechanical stimuli.


  • This layer of the epidermis is usually coated with a natural fat-water layer, which provides protection against fungi and bacteria. Through the contact with water and soap hands, nails and cuticles are dry, cracked and unsightly. Imperative, therefore, a re-greasing after every hand washing, specifically after using cleaning agents.


Remove instead of pushing back cuticles

  • Every time you wash your hands, slide the dry with the towel carefully the cuticles back.


  • Several times a week to pamper your nails with a thick layer of cream and put on cotton gloves. Then push gently with a wooden stick your cuticles back.


  • Be patient, after a while your cuticles looking perfect. Also take a small tube (sample vial) hand lotion in your purse, so you can always go take care of your cuticles.

Cuticle removal: Tips for beautiful nails

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