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Dark circles and puffy eyes: how to treat?

Ah the dark circles and puffiness! Who has not at least one of them?

How to treat dark circles and puffy eyes, we must first understand why they are there.

Here is a brief explanation of the “why” of the existence of these effects, and how to improve their appearance.

In fact, when you think about it, dark circles, this is a bit like a bruise. At least, it is often the same colors purple, blue, red, sometimes a little yellow. So why do these two problems are so similar?

A bruise usually occurs when a capillary damage, which do shed blood. A capillary is broken where they cut the blood.

A ring is similar: bluish or purplish parties often occur where blood flow is more difficult. It creates accumulations.

We can then deduce that the outliner is caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes.

Therefore, if we want to reduce, restore and activate the circulation in this area.

It is said that people who have chronic dark circles have a problem with congestion of the central vein of the cerebral cortex. This is not nothing!

There are several ways to improve the blood circulation in this area.

First, it can improve circulation throughout the body. To do this, you must already eating a healthy diet, low in fat and rich in dietary fiber. Foods rich in bioflavonoids and fiber are particularly seeking. Fruit, such as citrus, also help. At grain, buckwheat is discovered. It is just rich in bioflavonoids.

I seem old fashioned, but will also avoid alcohol because alcohol dilates the vein walls, which weakens them.

I’ll spare you the moral of the year, but you probably guessed that to make sport has something to do with it too.

But since nobody is perfect, here are some other tips to help you.


Did you know that a simple massage around the eyes can be the greater good? Here is the technique to reduce dark circles and puffiness:

1. Take the ring with both hands.

2. Ask the inner corner of the eye, the hollow portion of each side of the nose. Feel your lymph glands.

3. Performing movements like waves with your fingers, make slight pressure (about 30 grams of pressure, very light) to this place. The principle allows waves to massage at the right time on several occasions, when pumping by lymph gland. Wave allows a continuous movement without interruption. Made 10 total pressures.

4. Keep the same pressure, and slide your fingers under the eyes, always with the movement of waves, towards the temples.

5. Once the temples, massage them in the same way, and also made 10 pressures.

6. Descend behind the earlobes, and do the same thing.

You just massage your lymph glands, which will greatly help the flow of blood.

Eye care

Eye care is a good tool in your goal to reduce dark circles and puffiness. All are different and offer a cocktail of active ingredients with different properties, some of which are specific to dark circles or puffiness.

There is a trick for puffy eyes, which consists in putting the eye cream in the refrigerator before use. It can help reduce swelling. By cons, do not use it for dark circles. For dark circles, it is preferable to use the products at room temperature. The cold slows blood flow. With gold rings, it’s the opposite you want. It is the heat that increases blood circulation. So, you really put your finger “on the problem” and determine if you want to target dark circles and puffiness. When in doubt, use the product at room temperature.

Several creams target the symptoms: dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dry skin, etc.. So if you do not know where you start, go for these.

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