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Day Make Up: In everyday working life a healthy complexion

The Daytime Make-up should not be too flashy. With the right make-up tips and you will be an eye-catcher on your work.

Who wants to be a gray mouse in the workplace and in everyday life will present a healthy complexion can, with a few tricks conceal blemishes and highlight benefits.To score a fresh and natural look, has a decent day make-up miracle.

Before the primer is applied to the face a massage with a moisturizer.Depending on skin type, choose the right makeup .Whether liquid or compact makeup, the Foundation should be applied with a brush or a sponge.Then fixed to the primer by the laying of an additional powder.Now is a flat surface modeled and you can turn to discrete color variations.

The right choice of color
Natural beige and brown shades are best for the day make up and are suitable for all eye colors.But understated pastel colors are allowed.The brightest tone of the selected color palette is applied by the moving lid below the eyebrows.With the darker eye shadow to the crease just go up to the brow bone.If you wish, apply the dark tone also sparingly under the eye.But caution is necessary here, because only one bright eyeliner under the eye hiding a tired look.The upper eyelid may be used without concern a dark eyeliner to retighten the eyeliner.To achieve a natural effect, it blurs the eyeliner gently.The mascara emphasizes the lashes and gives them a nice swing.Even with a simple style make-up is a must.The ink is always brushed from back to front.

Lip Styling
When styling your lips is the motto: less is more.With a lip liner that differs only a color shade to the skin color of the lips, the lip edges to be tightened.Then I transfer to a colorless or pastel-colored lip gloss.Last one underlines the cheek areas with a rose-colored blusher, which adds an extra freshness to the complexion.Finish is the make up for the day.

Day Make Up: In everyday working life a healthy complexion

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