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Decide on Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum vs Bourjois Healthy Mix

Remember that you thought a few days ago that I love? The same reaction was instantaneous I had with Maybelline Colossal and I gave up this mascara in the last 6-7 months. Something tells me no Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum will not go anywhere anytime soon ..!

A few words about Healthy Mix Serum:
– Is a foundation gel, as written on the packaging;
– Has a low to medium coverage, the idea is that evens skin tone very well but no upload!
– Finish is semi-matte;
– Anti-fatigue effect immediately;
– Contain extracts of fruits: goji berries, lychee and pomegranate;
– Hypoallergenic.

The first thing I felt was the sensation of cooling application! I can not figure out how they achieved this, but it’s so nice! I immediately relaxed and the product was extremely easy to spread, resulting in perfectly uniform. I always use a brush to apply foundation evenly so the result is always, but some can get tinted harder this result. The HM Serum lasted 2 seconds! I liked this.

The semi matte finish is perfect, show no completely dry, nor shines, as it does with Healthy Mix. We found that when using HM Serum, I need very little powder. Worn day in the sun, I do not notice makeup girl! Evening artificial light, my skin looks fresh. I think the ideal combination.

I love the coverage is brilliant! I have no major problems with the skin, but I feel the need to apply, however, a product to smooth skin’s natural color. Although HM Serum pretty well covers, skins manages to not load at all.
Both Healthy Mix Serum and HM are produced loose, none of them loaded skin, Healthy Mix but has a slightly smaller coverage than HM Serum.
Both HM Healthy Mix Serum and are buildable, meaning they apply additional coats in areas they feel need a little more coverage and none of the two will not look unnatural.
I tried this with HM Serum in the cheeks because I had a slight redness and look as natural as in other areas of the face.

First, we tested HM Serum Powder MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in, applied in the T-zone and cheeks slightly and looks flawless foundation 9:00 later.

Then I tried to combine HD powder product Atelier Maquillage a lighter powder without mattifying effect, and I noticed a subtle sheen on his forehead after 7:00. There was something disturbing, I felt the need to reapply powder.

I noticed that during the day the foundation was not tight and has not lost its brightness.We talked on the phone and found that they had very little, compared to other tinted. I have normal to dry skin in winter, but notes that the normal to go slowly mixed with warm weather, hence the subtle shine on the forehead in the day. Resistance foundation that counts and not used to touch my face with my hands throughout the day :)

Both tinted come in 30 ml bottles with pump. Serum HM 54lei cost to Douglas, I think the price of launch but I’m not 100% sure. I remember that cost 56 lei Healthy Mix release.

Say with hand on heart that I will buy it! I think it’s my new favorite product and appeared in time for spring-summer season! :)

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