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Decoupage made easy

With the decoupage everyone can readily apparent from boring everyday objects tinker individual and very beautiful and unique pieces.

Decoupage made easy

The napkins technique is a very simple and versatile design method that is very easy to use even for craft muffle and people with two left hands.So you have to be an expert, to embellish items with decoupage and customize.Only a little imagination in the design selection is needed.This craft technique is based on the traditional decoupage technique in which one works, however, with relatively thick paper.


Topics: Simply transfer


  • When you transfer a decoupage design from a napkin on a selected object. Through the technology that the top layer of mostly three-ply napkin is transferred to the object and it remains clear and perfectly preserved liable.
  • In selecting the objects that you want to decorate, you can draw on almost all items. The motives napkins to hold clay pots, bags, ceramics, glass, t-shirts, wood, stone and much more. The effort in this artwork is very low and the result all the more beautiful and looks very professional. So even inexperienced craft making crafts molds fun.


Decoupage: Instructions


  • For designing an object using the napkin technique is first needed an object and a subject.You can use any any household napkins from the market, provided they show the desired subject. There are, however, especially for craft friends also have a wide selection of napkins for almost any occasion. This is obtained either in craft stores or in online stores on the Internet.
  • You’ll also need an adhesive and a clear coat to seal. You can use ordinary wallpaper paste or you can take this a special Serviettenkleber or lacquer, which also seals the surface without an additional step is necessary. If you have everything together, you have to cut out the motif may have. Here it depends on whether you want to transfer only the motif or the entire napkin. Both are possible.
  • It starts with the fact that the top layer of the napkin, whereupon the subject is replacing. This part of the napkin is placed as the object, as you would like. Then, it passes with a soft brush to carefully glue from the center out to the edge of the subject. When everything is completely covered, it is allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • If you like, the object can be painted with acrylic paint around the subject. The whole is then fixed with a varnish. When everything is dry, it is ready and has crafted a beautiful decorative object.



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