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Dental care on the way: chew that are nutritious

Even if you dabeihat no toothbrush, dental care should be on the way place value.

Does this sound familiar?Enjoy your lunch at an Italian restaurant and feast on a delicious pepperoni pizza, in my mind, but they are already at the dentist appointment, which is found below.Since you want to confront the man in white is not necessarily with food waste in the pearly whites, there’s only one: before brushing teeth.But what if you have this, just today, forgotten at home?No problem, because dental care is on the way for an emergency even without a toothbrush.

Xylitol – secret weapon against tooth decay
The secret weapon against tooth decay is called xylitol.In the 1970s, the Finnish researchers discovered antikariöse effect of this sugar substitute.This effect could be even scientifically proven in studies.But what xylitol is it anyway?The mainly used as a sweet sugar substitute is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in various vegetables, in the industry, he is usually produced from residues of corn kernels.Xylitol promotes, taken after meals, the regeneration of tooth enamel.It also inhibits bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

Dental care chewing gum
Dental chewing gum are a popular choice when fast the breath to be refreshed or leftover food to be washed away.That they contain xylitol is an effective caries prevention, the chewing action stimulates the flow of saliva, so salami and spinach are effectively washed away.Although conventional chewing gum also encourages each of saliva, but missing the important substance xylitol.

Chewable toothbrushes
The, also known as mini-toothbrushes products are the ideal daily companion, and can always be used when no toothbrush at hand.These are small plastic bristles, whose interstices there is a tooth-cleaning powder.This consists of xylitol, polydextrose, flavors and water.They are found in special machines that are available in restaurants, bars and cinemas.The small bristles kept in a few centimeters in size Plexiglas sphere, they are needed, they are simply placed in the mouth and chewed for a few minutes.Then they are ausgepuckt and disposed of.
The idea of ​​a mini-toothbrush is based on a Dutch dentist, in the 90s attacked the Briton Jim Drew on the idea and introduced the product for the first time in England.
Chewable toothbrushes are similar to the popular dental chewing gum, are not a substitute for conventional toothbrush.They are more effective than chewing gum, since the use of the bristles to clean the gaps.

Mobile Zahnpflegeset
Those who still want classic familiar to mobile toothbrushes that can be used to simply put together and easy to store.Along with a sample pack toothpaste Zahnpflegeset this fits into even the smallest pocket.Do not be afraid to go into the bathroom with the employer and to devote himself to the care of your teeth.Even if you are looked at an angle, you are on the safe side – because your smile tells you that you are doing everything right.

Other measures for dental care on the road
Basically you should do if a toothbrush is not available, give up sugar and acidic foods, as these strong attack tooth enamel.Also, you should drink between meals much.

Dental care on the way: chew that are nutritious

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