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Design ideas for the living room

A living room can spice up quick, easy and inexpensive with the proper design ideas.

The sight of your living room bugging you?You need a few design ideas that can be implemented simply cheap and best?With a few tricks can spice up your living room stylish.

The choice of color
Look at your living room.If your wall is already colored, and they like this color, you may need to change anything.Think about what colors best suit you and your living room.It should be more than one color, but not more than three, so it is not too colorful.Your color combination will later find anywhere in the living room.Examples of beautiful combinations would be: red, beige and brown, which is very warm.Brave should try with a bright orange, warm yellow and maybe some bright green color for room accents it a try.The end result is surprisingly comfortable and a good mood.

Design ideas for the living room

Design ideas for walls
If white walls are to be beefed up, it is sufficient if only in certain corners of the room makes a statement with some color.Or with colored wallpapers.If you color your walls are, despite too boring, you dare to pick up the brush and paint in hand or stencil something on it.Best in the area of ​​the color combination that you have chosen.If you think you had too unsteady hand, there are also so-called wall decals, now quite cheap and zuhaben almost in every furniture store or even 1-euro store.Otherwise, you can also access a web wallpaper, which is quite sufficient to beautify the wall.

Furniture and Decoration
Grab your bed throws and pillows that have the colors of the selected combination.Throws are available for under ten euros in bids.If your furniture you have become boring, you can help with adhesive film, which are called 1-euro shops and the like also have to get hold of cheap and sometimes quite beautiful patterns.Design ideas for decoration: Use included the same color spectrum as for the rest, curtains for the table decoration.With a shell, color contrasting decorative sand and candles to beautiful decorations can conjure.

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