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Diet meal without salt

In the context of a salt-free diet, it is important for the practitioner to properly calculate the sodium content of its food, not enough in a meal without salt, like a huge contribution can lead to serious abuses.

Concoct meal without salt can make it look very bland taste as it was used to spice up our food: the trick is how to overcome the taste to the challenge.Do prepare your meal without salt flavors acids.In this regard, herbs and spices with strong flavors can compensate for the lack of salt : vinegar, pepper, chilli, saffron, garlic, paprika and herbs, then give all the components of the tempting smell .

Different salt-free diets

  • The salt-free diet is a way off diet which prohibits the making of any places rich in sodium, to keep a healthy proportion of sodium intake, mostly between 1 and 2 g daily. The strict salt-free diet, meanwhile, allows salt contribution not exceeding the range of 0.3 to 0.4 g per day, in this case food should present the lowest degree in sodium content . The other diet meal without salt is salt free diet standard, the adept must make a contribution of almost 0.6 g salt daily.
  • Mostly all diets and meal without salt should not be adopted by a personal initiative. Salt, and by inference, sodium is an essential element for human metabolism. Also note that the more we tend to a strict diet without salt, more food consumption are permitted down, and this dramatically.

Salinity control products

  • Once the decision to adopt the low salt diet is taken, we must eliminate food sources or those industrialized fast food, they have a very high salinity. In addition, it is essential to eat meals without salt containing fresh and not frozen. After filtered and kept the dishes that have no risk of wealth by, it should also pay attention to the association contained in some medications.
  • A meal without salt can in no case be combined with sparkling or monosodium carbonate.Similarly, nutritionists and dietitians advise you to abandon the white bread and cheese. In the case, it would be possible to take them through a meal without salt precise quantity: 100 g white bread generally provide 0.8 g of sodium and 100 grams of cheese is a contribution of at least 1 , sodium 3.

Namely, on a standard salt diet

  • It is imperative to monitor meat intake, when preparing a meal without salt, these are a very consistency of salt. Similarly, eggs and fish as well as products derived therefrom, should be monitored. This omission of the major sources of protein in your meal without salt, must be made following the instructions of the physician. On the other hand, to improve the taste, the subject may take a small portion of fermented cheese while complementing its capture by the salt-free bread or vegetables low in sodium content.

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